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TOLD YA.. Mein Kampf, rules in America

For Entertainment purposes only, or is it ?

So just as you maybe thinking.
That Donald "Babyfart" Trump.
Has run out of people to insult or upset.
You are not going to believe what,
 hatred and vitriol emerges from his foul mouth,
 in the coming weeks.
Now granted, it makes great TV.
But sadly, there are those who believe,
 him to be right.
Remember, in the 1930's Hitler,
  used much the same soundbites......


Tony said…
We could do without this crap in the world. This world will never be rid of these people
CyndiTx123 said…
Gosh - the racist in America is sooo crazy!! Especially with a Hitler Like President.... Whats this world coming too!!
Sana L said…
It says something about his chart - something will happen in the coming weeks in america - read it somewere and that it will disturb America a great deal more

HOw long will he be president? Cant they remove him as president/ A complete fuck up as a president he his.

Hope America will not be suffering long due to his shitty fuckng behaviour. Those who believe him (*slap*) wake the fuck up.
Laura O'Donnell said…
Republicans like Paul Ryan, Pence, McConnell, etc are the real ones responsible. Not only did they not vet him, they helped with the stolen election and have yet to reign him in. They are every bit as responsible for this evil as trump and boy....I cannot wait for Karma to kick them in the ass. As for the media.....yes, they are also to blame. In 40 years they have yet to call out Republicans for the liars that they are and to list the ways. Their continued pussy-footing around and desparate "need" to try to use false equivalency is a case of media malfeasance. Any citizen should be able to sue them if they can prove that due to their false story....damage has occurred.
T. W. said…
Sana L you are funny!

I never read Mein Kampf but I was told the people who read it should not have been surprised Hitler committed atrocities because he wrote he would do these things. My sister tells people Trump did tell us what he was going to do and we should not be surprised either.

As for Republicans, they claim to be Christians. Republicans talk about abortion all day, but don't want to show Christian love to the people who are already walking the earth outside of the womb. They want to take away health care, housing benefits, and other social welfare programs. They want to tax us to death. They want to imprison people and do nothing to help immigrants. Funny, didn't Jesus heal the sick with for free and provided for their needs when asked? Didn't Jesus say he came to set the captives free? Didn't Jesus say my peace I give you? The only time I recall Jesus expressing much anger was when he drove out the bankers, pardon me, money changers from the temple. It is 1 am, perhaps I am confused.

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