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"Yes, Master"....

So as another Babyfart lying fueled week begins. Full of more bullshit than any other week,  since his huge coronation.

Co-hort liar Gen Kelly. Better start packing up his "Office". Because if he makes it to Halloween, still in his job.  Whitehouse Chief of protector of the Lies. It will be a bloody miracle....
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BF Sunday Meme of the Day

Time to get the tale "Straight"

Ex DWTS Pro Derek Hough. Needs to take stock of what is about to come to light. He better have hidden his history,  over the last couple of years. Otherwise, he'll find his huge "Fan" base disappear. To be left with only the Blue & Pink Rinse gang.

BF Sat Meme of the Day

TOLD YA BYE BYE....'s first flop........ June 20, 2014
Chelsea Handler,  has been signed by Netflix. To do a talk show, docu.series  and a standup special. WON'T WORK.

Late Night Meme

Here are "JEDWARD"

Jedward, are Irish "Popstars"  from the Xfactor/BGT mould. They ares o past their 15 mins of Fame. They are now claiming that they date "Girls". Really, sweeties,  if you have to tell the World you date "GIRLS".. YOU DON"T.................. Not that, that is an issue. It's the lying to those fans, that are Gay... DISRESPECT................. PS Take a look in the mirror... The Tin foil maybe the clue you need ha ha.